West New York reports 7 additional coronavirus cases today

The town of West New York has reported 7 additional coronavirus cases today bringing the total cases to 23 positive cases.

There is no additional information available at this time.


  1. Why is our mayor doing nothing for our town! why did he hand out turkeys to each resident during holidays to gain our confidence and likes.but at a drastic time as such with hundreds and thousands dying all around he is not being the face of our town! This is sadly disapointing! We need a leader that takes charge and carea genuinely about our towns well being. Why is every town in the news and their mayors doing this and that taking preventative measures speaking out and offering towns help ans reliefs etc and us nada with how many positive cases? but ur still out there giving people meter tickets and allowing our towns stores to over price essentials. So sad!

  2. Isn’t that strange? He is probably waiting for his boss Sires to tell him what to do. What a joke of a Mayor.

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