Former Congressman Albio Sires Secures West New York Mayoral Seat with Overwhelming Majority

WEST NEW YORK, NJ – In a moving speech following his landslide victory in the West New York mayoral election, former Congressman Albio Sires expressed his gratitude to the numerous individuals who supported his campaign. Sires, who secured over 60% of the votes, highlighted the importance of teamwork and unity in securing the win.

Addressing his supporters, Sires thanked them for their unwavering dedication and efforts throughout the campaign, emphasizing that their work was integral to his victory. He also expressed appreciation for his wife and close friends, including Brian Stack, Jeffrey Line, and Richard Turner, the mayor of Weehawken.

In his speech, Sires also acknowledged the invaluable support of various unions who stood behind him during the election. He went on to say that this win would solidify West New York, Union City, and Weehawken for Brian Stack.

The newly-elected mayor concluded by thanking other key figures involved in his campaign, such as Justin Mercado, Gio Ahmad, Brian Stack, Craig Guy, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Julio Marenco. Sires expressed that this victory was one of the most rewarding experiences in his political career and looked forward to leading West New York into a brighter future.