Nicholas Sacco Wins Re-election as North Bergen Mayor with 72% of the Vote

NORTH BERGEN, NJ – Longtime incumbent Mayor Nicholas Sacco emerged victorious once again in the North Bergen mayoral race, defeating opponent Larry Wainstein for the fourth time. With 72% of the vote, Sacco’s re-election reflects the strong support and confidence of North Bergen residents in his leadership and vision for the city.

During his campaign, Mayor Sacco focused on the progress that has been made in the community and his plans for continued development. Among the key projects in his agenda are the construction of a new junior high school, air conditioning upgrades for local schools, and the renovation of the downtown recreation center. Sacco also highlighted the importance of investing in new parks and infrastructure improvements, such as the 46th Street Park and West Side Avenue projects.

Following his victory, Mayor Sacco took to Instagram to express his gratitude to his supporters and the residents of North Bergen: “I have to take a moment to thank everyone and express my extreme gratitude after this spectacular win! The people of North Bergen have spoken and re-elected the Sacco Team and I with 72% of the vote! This is a true testament to the residents’ faith in our leadership, and we promise to continue to move North Bergen forward for our future.”

With this latest victory, Mayor Nicholas Sacco continues to demonstrate his leadership and determination to make North Bergen a better place for its residents. His experience and vision will undoubtedly continue to guide the city toward a brighter future.