Bayonne BOE Election: Unofficially “Together We Can” Wins 3 Of 4 Seats, Maggio Also Wins

In the Bayonne Board of Education election on Tuesday, “Together We Can” candidates Mary Jane Desmond, a former Board Trustee, was the top voter-getter, with running mate, Trustee Hector Gonzalez, also winning a three-year term.  Unofficial results from the County Clerk show Desmond with slightly more than 4,000 votes.

Gonzalez narrowly outdistanced Sam Maggio, a member of the “Voices For Progress” slate, who won the third, three-year seat.  Mayor Jimmy Davis and the Bayonne Education Association had supported the “Voices For Progress” ticket.

The final BOE seat is for a one-year term.  As of now, unofficial results show Miriam Bechay leading a close race against Ali Hassan, less than a 300 vote advantage.