Bayonne Mayor Supports Upgrading Street Lights

Mayor Davis Advocates for Street Lighting Upgrade Initiative

On Tuesday, June 22, Bayonne Mayor James Davis participated in a PSE&G Stakeholder Collaborative Meeting on “Non-core” Programs to advocate for a Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lighting initiative as part of PSE&G’s Clean Energy Future – Energy Efficiency program.

The session was a follow-up to a New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) order dated September 23, 2020, in which PSE&G would convene a meeting to discuss potential partnerships to obtain input regarding the design and implementation of decarbonization initiatives such as LED streetlights.

Mayor Davis said, “This was a good opportunity to advocate for Bayonne and for an environmental and economic initiative to improve the quality-of-life for our citizens.”

During the presentation, which included PSE&G, the NJBPU and municipal leaders from around the state, Mayor Davis added, “My office is aware of civic advocacy for more efficient and better lighting products in Bayonne’s shopping and dining districts. Upgraded LED streetlights can reduce costs, increase pedestrian traffic and encourage investment to support our post-pandemic economy.”

“Better lighting and smart controllers that can brighten street lights during emergencies will help first responders and improve safety. Smart controllers will also help PSE&G to learn immediately when a streetlight is out of service and make quick repairs. This will enable faster response times than waiting for members of the general public or municipal departments to report street light outages.” Smart controllers are advanced technologies that can communicate outage and performance data to the utility to enhance PSE&G’s ability to respond quickly to maintenance issues

Mayor Davis closed by saying, “I strongly encourage and support a plan to install brighter and more efficient streetlights that will also help to meet the state’s environmental goals.”

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  1. Start with Broadway between 17th & 29th that Doris had put in that offer very poor illumination

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