Bayonne Police Captain Eric Amato reports that on Thursday, December 29 officers responded to the area of West 25th Street on a report of an armed robbery at 7:21 pm.  According to the 49-year old male victim, while unloading his car of recently purchased items, two males with ski masks on and brandishing handguns approached him and demanded that he surrender his belongings. 

During the robbery, one male pressed a handgun to the victim’s ribs as he surrendered several pieces of jewelry.  The actors then took the victim to the rear of the vehicle and demanded that he surrender anything of value that was in the trunk.  While doing so, the victim attempted to fight back but the actors repeatedly struck him about the head with their handguns before fleeing.

Captain Amato says the actors got away with jewelry, electronics, and a backpack which contained the victim’s wallets and identification.  Some of the items were recovered nearby.  The victim suffered lacerations to his head and face as a result and was transported to an area hospital to be treated.

This incident remains under investigation.     

An arrest was made a short time earlier according to Captain Amato in a separate incident.  A 17-year old male juvenile of Bayonne was taken into custody at 5:44 pm from the area of 22nd Street and Avenue C.  Bayonne Police officers patrolling the area observed Juvenile 1 walking with 2 other individuals, one of whom was recently found to be in possession of firearms.

As the officers continued to observe the group, they saw a suspicious bulge protruding from the front pocket of Juvenile 1’s sweatshirt, which he repeatedly appeared to be adjusting.  It became apparent that the concealed item resembled a handgun and the officers approached Juvenile 1 to investigate.  As the officers identified themselves, Juvenile 1 immediately fled on foot, cutting through several backyards and removing clothing in an attempt to alter his appearance and not be recognized.

Multiple police units then responded to assist in the search for Juvenile 1 which resulted in him being apprehended in the area of West 22nd Street and Avenue C.  As the officers retraced the paths Juvenile took during the chase, they recovered the sweatshirt and ski mask he was originally observed to be wearing and recovered a black semi-automatic handgun from the sidewalk on 18th Street.

The handgun was found to be loaded with 11 bullets, 10 of which were hollow point bullets.  Juvenile 1 was charged with:

  • Obstructing a Governmental Function
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Possession of a Handgun for an Unlawful Purpose
  • Unlawful Possession of a Handgun
  • Possession of Hollow Point Bullets