Bayonne Woman Crashes Into Parked Vehicle, Flees Scene, Charged With DWI

M51-year old, Melissa A. Koch-Torres of Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne, has been charged with driving while intoxicated and endangering the welfare of another.

According to Bayonne Police Captain Eric Amato, Koch-Torres was taken into custody at 4:20 on Monday afternoon from the area of 44th Street and Avenue C.  Amato says officers responded to the area on a  report of a motor vehicle crash.  While on scene with Koch-Torres and the owner of the second vehicle, officers learned that Koch-Torres had collided with the other vehicle, which was parked, and fled the scene. 

Captain Amato says a witness was able to follow and stop Koch-Torres at 44th Street and Avenue C and notify the police.  During the on-scene investigation, Koch-Torres was exhibiting signs of intoxication.  She failed to satisfactorily perform field sobriety testing.  Officers also observed a passenger, an 18-year old female in the care of Koch-Torres, in the front passenger seat of Koch-Torres’ vehicle.  The investigation led to Koch-Torres being arrested for D.W.I.  No injuries were reported.


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