Brian Stack’s Thanksgiving Mission: Massive Turkey Distribution in Union City, West New York, and North Bergen?

Union City NJ.- Senator Brian Stack is set to lead a massive turkey distribution in West New York, with rumors swirling about North Bergen being next on the list. This development comes with a hint of irony, considering the past political rivalry between Stack and former Senator Nicholas Sacco, whose stronghold was North Bergen.

Organized by Brian Stack’s Civic Association, the turkey giveaway in West New York is a continuation of Stack’s tradition of community service. The potential extension to North Bergen, now part of Stack’s legislative district, adds a humorous twist to the event, symbolizing a new chapter in the political landscape of Hudson County.

The event, expected to distribute over 30,000 turkeys, is not just about feeding families during Thanksgiving but also about mending fences and building bridges in a region known for its intense political dynamics. The inclusion of North Bergen, even as a possibility, is seen by locals as a cheeky nod to the changing times and a testament to Stack’s expanding influence.

As preparations for the turkey distribution are underway, there’s a sense of amusement among the residents of Hudson County. This initiative, while addressing the immediate needs of the community, also serves as a subtle peace offering in an area historically divided by political allegiances.

For more information on the turkey distribution and other community initiatives led by Senator Stack, visit the official website of the 33rd legislative district.