Car rams into Taco Bell in Union City

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Photos and Story by Ron Jeffers.-

An elderly woman suffered an arm injury when she accidentally struck a parked car and rammed into the north wall of the Taco Bell restaurant on Kennedy Boulevard near 36th St., Union City, Monday afternoon.

No one was injured inside the building. The driver was assisted by North Hudson firefighters and treated by Union City EMT’s at the scene.

The vehicle was removed from the structure and a city building inspector was on the scene.


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  1. I think the people over 75 should not Longer be allowed to drive vehicles as they’re causing accidents Not intentional but it could cause their death and other pedestrians at no fault.

    • I agree and they unfortunantly have. An elderly lady in Secaucus several years back killed A man standing at a bus stop as he waited to go home after a day of work. It was terrible. I personally feel that after a certain avae everyone should be required to retake their written and road test. After so many decades driving rules may have slightly changed or new ones could have been implemented or could have been forgotten and capabilities definitely change. I definitely can believe some people are still capable but they really need to implement retesting. If you’re capable at 80yrs old excellent.

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