Composting Bin Opens in James J. Braddock Park in North Bergen

Keeping our environment clean and our landfills free from toxins is an increasingly difficult challenge for all of us.  In North Hudson, a newly formed group called North Bergen Earth Talks is doing its part to make sure our planet, especially the Hudson County region, is as environmentally friendly as possible.

On Sunday, in Braddock Park, next to the dog run and inside the community garden west of Bruins Stadium, the group officially dedicated the new, composting bin for residents to use as a drop off point for food scraps and certain paper products.

The composting bin is a pilot project in cooperation with the Hudson County Improvement Authority, Community Compost Company and the township of North Bergen.  If the bin turns out to be a success, in January the hope is it will be renewed by county and township officials, and residents can continue to bring their food waste to the site for recycling purposes.