Congressional Candidate Ravi Bhalla Blasts Rep. Rob Menendez for Standing By While the Crypto Cash Industry Comes to his Rescue

The Ravi Bhalla for Congress campaign issued the following press release on Saturday criticizing incumbent Congressman Rob Menendez:

The Ravi Bhalla for Congress campaign today blasted Representative Rob Menendez Jr. for standing by while the Crypto Cash industry’s SuperPAC spends more than $250,000 on his behalf.   Protect Progress, the SuperPAC for the crypto special interests, has spent $257,877(  so far and counting to help Rob Menendez Jr.

“Rob Menendez Jr. is making a habit of depending on the crypto industry to come to his aid. Sam Bankman-Fried’s Super PAC, Protect Our Future, fueled his 2022 primary campaign to the tune of $250,000. Sam Bankman-Fried recently received a 25-year prison sentence for a large-scale fraud on hundreds of thousands of customers, many of whom experienced irreparable financial harm.

This is all part of a pattern of special interests funding Rob Menendez Jr.’s campaigns. For this primary, Representative Rob Menendez Jr. raised $359,812 from PACs, including $168,112 from corporate PACS and $116,500 from lobbyists.”

“Rob Menendez Jr’s campaign is being fueled by a Who’s Who of the worst special interests, including the Crypto Cash Kings and Big Pharma,” said Ravi Bhalla.  It’s time for new independent leadership that puts the people first—not special interests or party bosses.”

Ravi Bhalla is challenging Representative Rob Menendez Jr. in the June 4th Democratic Primary in the 8th Congressional District.


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