COVID-19 Numbers Among NJ Teenagers & Youth Adults Rising

The numbers are moving in the wrong direction.  That’s the word from New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli, who says the cases of COVID-19 among young adults and teenagers is increasing.  Persichilli says residents between the ages of 19 and 24 now represent the highest percentage of positive cases statewide.

Specifically, those between 19 and 24 who are COVID-19 positive stands at 6 percent. Those aged 14 to 18 are next highest, standing at 4 percent   Commissioner Persichilli says the increase in positive cases began in August as college students, studying remotely, began to attend wild, excessively large, parties.

As health officials have been saying for months, people need to continue wearing masks and stay six feet apart.

The problem making this all the more difficult is that younger people do not show symptoms right away, or even at all.

The good news is, for those high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, which have reopened with in classroom instruction, there have not been any reports of coronavirus transmissions among schools in the Garden State.