Democratic Registration Surges in New Jersey

The backlash against President Donald Trump and his Administration is becoming more and more evident, at least if you go by the voter registration statistics coming out of New Jersey for the month of June.  The Garden State now has a million more registered Democrats than Republicans.

In addition, for the first time in the state’s history, there are more Democrats register in New Jersey than unaffiliated voters.

This surge comes right before the July 7th Primary Election, which features races for President, United States Senate, members of the U.S. House of Representatives and County Freeholder Boards, in addition to municipal races around the entire state.

The increase in Democratic party registration comes as 2.4 unaffiliated voters, also referred to as Independents, decided to declare themselves as Democratic for the Primary so they could vote.  As we all know, the July 7th election will mostly be done as a vote-by-mail affair due to the coronavirus pandemic.

John Currie, Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, said, “The last four years have been a difficult time for our country, but if the Trump administration has one virtue it’s uniting Democrats behind a common goal and bringing more and more people into our party. This week, New Jersey passed a major milestone when Democratic voter registration surpassed Republican registration by more than 1 million voters for the first time ever. This is a testament not only to the effect President Trump has had on our state, but of the hard work and dedication of our state party, our local and county partners, grassroots advocates, allies in labor and progressive causes and everyone else who has worked to register new voters. We can’t stop now, and I expect our advantage to grow even larger by November with more and more residents completely fed up with Trump.”

Specifically, here are the numbers according to the New Jersey Division of elections:

  • New Jersey added 16,849 new voters in June.
  • 58,376 additional Democrats and 26,432 new Republicans were added to the state’s voter pool.
  • Unaffiliated, or Independent registrations, dropped by 61,854.
  • Current voter registration make-up in New Jersey now stands at 38.8% Democrats, Independents 37.8% and Republicans 22.2%.



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