Despite the Pandemic, Americans Are Moving to Warmer Climates, As In Past Years

While it may be surprising to many, Americans are following similar trends as in the past in terms of relocation.  Despite the coronavirus pandemic last year, a 2020 migration report prepared by North American Moving Services reveals.

The report found that people living in the Northeast and Midwest sold their homes and migrated to the country’s warmer climates in the Southeast and Southwest.  In fact, New Jersey was tied for third last year with California in terms of the percentage of residents leaving their home state at 64%.   That trailed only New York at 65% and Illinois at 69%.  No wonder they call Chicago the Windy City.  With the recent snowstorms we have had in New Jersey, I guess the exodus should not be too surprising.

What states saw the most new residents putting down roots?  Well, Idaho at 70%, followed by Arizona at 64%.  Having visited Arizona myself many times, I can attest to its attraction.  If you can deal with the 115 temperatures for half of the year, well, go for it.  It’s a lovely state.  It is much, much more than spring training baseball in February and March, although that certainly is a huge attraction.

To learn more about this migration report and its overall findings, here is the link:

What were the overall reasons for the northeast exodus?

  1. Harsh winters, since temperatures and snow can be intense in the region.
  2. Job availability is another factor since many companies are avoiding the region:
  3. The Northeast is also home to many cities with a high cost of living, making housing affordability challenging, especially as people lose their jobs.

So, if you are thinking about leaving New Jersey for whatever reason, you might want to do a little research.  This report may be the place to start.


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