Election Day in West New York: Albio Sires Aims for a Mayoral Comeback with Plans for Middle School and Library

WEST NEW YORK, NJ – As West New York residents head to the polls today, former Mayor, Assembly Speaker, and Congressman for 16 years, Albio Sires, seeks a return to the mayor’s office with a full slate of commission candidates. In a recent interview with Hudson TV, Sires discussed his campaign’s progress, feedback from residents, and the importance of voting in today’s election.

Sires expressed satisfaction with the campaign’s messaging efforts, specifically highlighting the importance of building a middle school for the children of West New York. The proposed library project, which aims to replace the current century-old facility, has also been well received by the community.

When asked about feedback from residents, Sires mentioned concerns over the potential waste of $65 million in government funds. He suggested that the town could build a recreational center or community center elsewhere in West New York, allowing them to utilize the available funds more efficiently.

As for the possibility of a split ticket between the two slates, Sires seemed confident that West New York would avoid such a scenario, citing the town’s history of never having had a split ticket. He encouraged residents to vote for the Column B ticket.

In a final message before the polls close at 8:00 PM this evening, Sires emphasized the importance of voting and the impact it has on West New York’s future. The mayoral hopeful believes he has a strong message for the town’s future and will continue to communicate that to the public.

As election day unfolds, West New York residents will determine if Sires’ confidence in his campaign’s message and the support from the community will result in a successful return to the mayor’s office. Stay tuned for election results tonight to find out the outcome.