Election Day Showdown: Cosmo Cirillo Vies for West New York Mayoral Seat with Plans for Parking and Recreation Center

WEST NEW YORK, NJ – Today, residents of West New York cast their votes in a closely-watched mayoral race. Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo, running for mayor with a full slate on Column A, spoke with Hudson TV about his campaign’s progress, key issues, and the importance of voting in today’s election.

Cirillo expressed enthusiasm for the support his campaign has received and shared his excitement for Election Day. He emphasized the importance of a smooth voting process and encouraging as many people as possible to cast their ballots.

Parking has been a major focus of Cirillo’s campaign, as he seeks to add more spots in town to alleviate the current pressure on the system. Additionally, he has advocated for the construction of a new recreation center that would serve not only children but also adults and seniors in West New York. Accessibility, responsiveness, and responsibility are central to Cirillo’s platform, as he and his team aim to address residents’ concerns and issues over the next four years.

When asked about the likelihood of a split ticket versus a clean sweep by one of the slates, Cirillo expressed his confidence in his Column A team, saying they should be elected and would do the best job for residents over the next four years. He hopes the campaign they put forward will allow voters to have their choices heard today.

As West New York residents head to the polls, the town eagerly awaits tonight’s election results to determine if Cirillo’s campaign efforts and focus on key issues will secure him the mayoral seat. Stay tuned for the outcome of this crucial race.