North Bergen Mayoral Race Heats Up: Mayor Nicholas Sacco Seeks Re-Election Against Long-Time Rival Larry Wainstein

NORTH BERGEN, NJ – As Election Day arrives in North Bergen, Mayor Nicholas Sacco runs for re-election with a full slate of commission candidates, including two new members. In a recent interview, Sacco discussed his campaign’s focus, emphasizing the progress made during his tenure and his plans for the town’s future.

Mayor Sacco highlighted the ongoing construction of a new junior high school, which will ultimately alleviate overcrowding in existing schools by redistributing students. Additionally, Sacco pointed to efforts in air conditioning and refurbishing school buildings, which has been an important aspect of his campaign.

Sacco’s tenure has also seen the successful completion of a downtown recreation center, which has become increasingly popular. Furthermore, he has secured significant funding for the development of new parks, such as the $4.6 million for the 46th Street Park and $9 million from former Speaker Vinnie Prieto for West Side Avenue.

As North Bergen residents head to the polls today, the town waits in anticipation to see if Mayor Sacco’s track record of progress and continued plans for improvement will be enough to secure another term against his long-time nemesis, Larry Wainstein. Stay tuned for tonight’s election results.