European Countries Considering Mandatory COVID Passports to Travel Freely…Is America Next?

As more and more people are vaccinated for the coronavirus in the United States and around the world, the likelihood of people feeling more comfortable traveling will rise.  Whether it’s traveling by air, sea or land for business or pleasure, the world’s population will be traveling internationally.  Slowly, but surely, those passports are going to be dusted off and used on a more frequent basis.

The day is coming when our world will be more like it was two years ago, rather than how it’s been for the last eleven months.

Safety protocols will continue to be implemented.  Vaccinations or not, ensuring that everyone can move about, domestically or internationally, will remain the number one priority.  The question is, will the United States implement what is being considered in Europe?

For example, Denmark says it is developing a COVID-19 vaccine passport.  The concept is quite interesting. Denmark announced last week it will develop a digital coronavirus passport that would allow foreign travel, with travel restrictions being eased.  An article on stated, “The document, developed in conjunction with businesses, would show whether citizens have been vaccinated for the coronavirus or not, potentially affording them special travel privileges. It could also allow citizens to visit restaurants, conferences, music festivals and sports events.  From the end of February, people should be able to check their immunization status on a website, while the digital passport and an app will probably take another three to four months.”

Certainly a novel idea.  The question is, will it be reliable and would the United State considering doing the same thing?

“This is light at the end of the tunnel for very many companies,” said Brian Mikkelsen, the head of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.  “It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to restart Danish society and that companies can get back on track. Many Danish companies are global companies,” said Morten Bodskov, the country’s acting finance minister.

At the moment, the country of Denmark is on a lockdown, with all non-essential retail business closed and bars and restaurants limited to take out service.  Here in the United States lockdowns are not in place, but some eateries are limited to takeout.

The article continues by saying, “The prospect of special privileges for vaccinated people— as well as efforts to develop a unified system for certifying vaccination — has stirred vigorous debate in the European Union.  The European Commission has been looking at proposals for vaccination certificates, but has said that, for now, such certificates would only be used for medical purposes.”

So, should our nation consider developing such a vaccination passport?  Would you support it?  Would you trust it to be reliable?

Some interesting questions to ponder, America.