Zdan Campaign

Republican Alex Zdan, a former investigative reporter with News 12 New Jersey, who was among the employees laid off by the network last October, has officially entered the United States Senate race from New Jersey in hopes of replacing Senator Robert Menendez, who is facing corruption charges for the second time, but vows not to resign his position.

The 38-year old Zdan made his announcement along the Arizona-Mexico border wall.  The announcement was made in this video he posted to X, which clearly shows Mexican migrants illegally entering the U.S. through a large opening in the border wall.

In the video Zdan states that he is not a typical politician, “But I’ll fight like hell every day for you, your family, and our American future.”  He says the influx of migrants has to stop.

In the 2:02 video announcement, Zdan also promised to “restore businesses devastated by Murphy’s pandemic shutdowns and bring back jobs that reward how hard you’re willing to work — not just what’s written on a college degree.”

With Zdan joining the race, the number of candidates looking to replace Menendez has grown substantially.   The leading Democratic candidates are Tammy Murphy, the wife of Governor Phil Murphy, and south Jersey Congressman Andrew Kim.   In all, there are 16 candidates; 6 Democrats, 8 Republicans, 1 Green Party candidate and 1 independent.

Senator Menendez has not yet said whether he plans to seek re-election.

The Democratic and Republican Primaries are set for June 4th.