Former US Representative Albio Sires Announces Candidacy for Mayor of West New York in 2023 Municipal Elections

Albio Sires, former United States Representative and former Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly, announced his candidacy for Mayor of West New York, New Jersey today. Sires, who previously served as Mayor of West New York, will be running for his fourth term in the upcoming municipal elections in May.

“Being Mayor of West New York has been the best job I’ve ever had,” Sires said. “Only in this country can a kid from Bejucal, Cuba who played basketball at Memorial High School end up in the halls of Congress. West New York was the place that made me who I am today and over the years, I’ve been able to help many of its residents.”

Sires’ campaign will focus on issues that impact the daily lives of West New York residents, including crime reduction, stabilizing rents and taxes, expanding local services, supporting education, adding more parking throughout the municipality, and investing in our streets and parks.

Sires has identified several exciting new initiatives as priorities for his team and administration. “I want to build a new media center in the heart of the municipality on Bergenline Avenue for the enjoyment of all our residents. The current library across from Town Hall is crumbling and not accessible for the disabled,” he said.

“While in Congress, I was able to really invest in school infrastructure, and because of that Memorial High School, as well as some of the elementary schools, will be getting air conditioning units. Believe me, I was a student and a teacher at Memorial High School – this is desperately needed. And now, the state has said that West New York needs a new school to address overcrowding, which we will be building on Broadway between 64th and 65th streets,” Sires added.

“I also made sure before leaving Congress that there would be funding for West New York to build more parks, particularly along the river. I’m very excited about these new projects for our municipality – our residents deserve the best.”

In terms of his commission team, Sires said that he would be announcing a dynamic group of people who represent all of West New York. “One of the things I saw in Washington is how deeply divided our country is today. I want to be Mayor for everyone who calls West New York home, and my team will reflect that exactly.”