Fulop Wants Public Input on Jersey City Road Repaving

Photo Credit: Mayor Steven Fulop/Jersey City

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop posted a Facebook photo and message to the community on Tuesday morning.  The mayor stated it is his goal to repave 20 miles of streets before the end of 2021.

Fulop says he has “included an aggressive plan as part of the capital plan that is being reviewed by the City Council.  We will be gathering streets recommendations from the Council Members over the next week and then the Engineering Department will review the recommendations for approval. If you have suggestions please reach out to the City Council as we all want to make sure this is ultimately driven by community feedback.”

So, if you live in Jersey City and have a suggestion for a road that needs to be repaved, reach out to your Council representative.


  1. Duncan ave. Bet. West side & Route 440 its without a doubt the worst street in jersey city

  2. Every block in Jersey City needs it there’s holes every where. Summit Ave ,Newark Ave ,Ducan Ave been bad for years that block has so many bumps holes Central Ave …So Onnnnn

  3. That’s very nice new pavement recently laid down on Paterson Plank Rd n Hague St.
    JCNJ . Thank u Mr Mayor. BTW will u announce the Xmas show at Lowe’s Theater this December ?? Can u re in-state the monthly movie trios for us Seniors, as well??Good luck in this new administration. Also I’ve been twice vaccinated . Best.. Elizabeth Hammond

  4. They Doing Wonderful Job but What About Duncan Avenue in Jewett Avenue They Need to Be Done Them Streets are Really Bad

  5. I couldn’t believe when Pacific Ave.,Caven Pt.,and Claremont Ave. was done. I have to give it to you mayor you been doing work. Take a ride up Stegman Ave. between Ocean and MLK. That’s a school block it should be one of the first to be done.

  6. Garfield Ave between Gates Ave all the way to Bayview Ave. Horrible its really like driving on an obstacle course. Please Please Please and Thank you Thank you Thank you

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