Gonnelli Sworn In For 4th Term As Secaucus Mayor, Council Also Takes Oaths, Police & Fire Promotions

Photo Credits:  Town of Secaucus

During a ceremony earlier this week at the Secaucus Performing Arts Center, Mayor Michael Gonnelli took the oath of office for a fourth time.  He has held the post for the past 13 years.  In addition, three members of the Council also were sworn in.

They are Second Ward Councilman Mark Dehnert, First Ward Councilman Robert Costantino and Councilman William McKeever.

The ceremony also featured Volunteer Fire Department promotions:

Yash Patel – Captain Engine 1
Michael Schoendorf – Captain Engine 2
Troy Conville – Captain Engine 3
Joseph Franks – Captain Engine 4
Matthew Bienkowski – Captain Tower 2
Rahul Nagpal – Lieutenant Engine 1
Joseph Marchese – 1 st Lieutenant Engine 2
Joseph J. Schoendorf – 2 nd Lieutenant Engine 2
Jason Leppin – Lieutenant Engine 3
Matthew Mottola – 1 st Lieutenant Engine 4
Walter Francis – 2nd Lieutenant Engine 4
Victor Paone –Lieutenant Tower 2

and Police Department promotions:

Christopher Rinaldi – Lieutenant
Christina Liptak – Lieutenant
Aniello Schaffer – Sergeant
Stephen Hurtuk III – Sergeant
Vince DeFazio – Sergeant