Governor Murphy Puff, Puff, and Passes the Joint to Children

Failed New Jersey Governor Feckless Phil Murphy and his Democrat toadies in the state legislature recently flubbed yet another easy issue on their plate – the legalization of marijuana. Though many New Jerseyan’s thought the special shrubbery that made Toklas brownies highly popular was legal after the November 2020 election referendum in which state voters were asked whether to end its prohibition, it took New Jersey Democrats until near April to legalize it. They did so in the most convoluted way possible. Moreover, acting on a request no sober New Jerseyan ever made, and as if they were high on their own supply, Murphy and Democrat legislators have put children in unnecessary danger while undermining New Jersey’s parents.

While Mary Jane is now legal to possess, and tokers across the garden state have celebrated with a bong rip, there are zero legal places to buy and it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Due to a massive regime of state government red tape, and the legal roadblocks preventing existing medical marijuana dispensaries from expanding to “adult use” non-medical sales, legal weed dispensaries will likely not to enter the market for a year. Modern day “Johnny Appleseed’s” beware – under current state law it will still be chronically illegal for the average resident to grow the burning bush. But most egregious and 100% dangerous to every child and family in New Jersey is the fact that under Murphy and the Dems, state law decriminalizes smoking weed and drinking alcohol by children.

On first offense, police are prohibited from informing parents that their underage child was found smoking tree’s (a euphemism for weed) or drinking booze and have as their only tool a written warning given to the child. Moreover, while the police will be able to confiscate any of the sticky icky or alcohol in plain sight usage by children, a minor’s possession of said age-based contraband can not serve as probable cause to search their belongings. For example, if an 8th grader and her/his friends get caught red handed smoking a jay (I.E. a joint) in a tunnel under the train tracks while enjoying some Old English (the best 40 ounce malt liquor to ever exist) the police can confiscate the marijuana and alcohol they have out but the nuggets (of marijuana) and bottles, as of yet un-popped and un-puffed, in the school bag remain in possession of the minors. To be clear, the first time the cops find your daughter or son smoking a dubbie or drinking they are legally barred both from informing you, their parent, and from searching your child’s belonging for more drugs and alcohol.

Longtime supporters of ending marijuana prohibition, buttressed by freedom and commonsense, have never advocated minimizing the family unit. Strong families are important, not only for a strong New Jersey, but for navigating the dangers that come with freedom. One can teach one’s children to enjoy fine wines, appreciate craft beers, or welcome the nuances in flavor profiles of single malt scotches, in moderation without teaching one’s child to become a booze hound. Whether marijuana, alcohol, or any of the possibly dangerous elements in life, it is up to parents to teach their children how to chart the best course possible. Parent’s will not catch every issue or challenge their children get into, but they do deserve enough respect from the state government to inform them when their minor child makes a mistake and get high or drinks before she/he is legally old enough to do so.

But Governor Feckless Phil Murphy, and the Democrat Looney Left he leads, does not care about your children or your parental rights. Stoned out of their mind on radical wok-ism, the same Dems that have advocated for kids to go on puberty blockers and birth control without parental consent, and sometimes without even parental notification, now want to protect your middle school child’s drug dealer. In fact, the state laws recently adopted under the guise of ending marijuana prohibition includes mandating a $250 fine for a dealer found selling bud (another synonym for Mary Jane) on the first offense, $500 on the second, and $1000 for each subsequent time they were caught selling under an once – even if caught selling to minors. In the upside-down universe of the Dems the police are treated as the enemy and those who deal drugs to children get a slap on the wrist. Only the police face real legal danger. Not only can police officers be disciplined if they inform a child’s parent that she/he was pretending they were with the characters of “The 70’s Show” but every officer will be under threat of a felony charge if, in attempting to do the right thing and confiscate drugs or alcohol from a minor’s bag, it can be proven that their “only” cause was catching the minor smoking or drinking red handed.

Just as with alcohol prohibition, the prohibition of marijuana created an entire industry for criminals to exploit and which criminalized hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyan’s for a non-violent and consensual activity akin to drinking. Ending its prohibition is a moral good. But Trenton Dems should have put down the pipe before writing these laws, as the November 2020 referendum voters who overwhelming supported ending marijuana prohibition voted so that adults could smoke without fear of arrest not to give middle school kids their first puff, not to vilify the police, and not to make modern parenting harder. The legal regime Feckless Phil Murphy and other failed human beings that dominate state government have created decriminalized the sale of marijuana to kids, threatens the police for protecting children, attacks parents by demolishing their right to know what trouble their children may be getting into, is 100% immoral, and must be changed immediately.