Guttenberg Hosts Food Pantry for Thanksgiving

The town of Guttenberg hosted a food pantry on Saturday afternoon for their residents. Mayor Wayne Zitt and the town council hosted the event. Many of the councilmen and women were in attendance to hand out bags of canned and dry food as well as clothes for adults and kids.

This was the first of its kind for the town, and the council people are looking to keep it as a tradition to continue down the line. Guttenberg, the mayor, and the town council have done a great job over the last year of holding these types of events to help their residents as well as any other people who may need help and resources. This is a great boost for the community, especially with the holidays coming around as well as still helping to recover from the pandemic that has affected us all.

The town regularly hosts events like these and others, and you can always stay updated on the next one by visiting their website at