Gyms Continue to Offer Outdoor Workouts in Jersey

A year and 800,000 COVID-19 cases later, Hudson County and its municipalities are pushing to get more people vaccinated and shops back up and running. The most recent efforts are focused on getting the initial allocation of 1,500 Johnson & Johnson vaccines to the county’s most vulnerable communities. This is welcome news, since Jersey residents have been stuck at home for an extended period of time, which could have implications on residents’ health and overall well-being.

Despite being at home, however, the World Health Organization continues to emphasize how important it is to stay active. Getting regular exercise could reduce high blood pressure, risk of heart disease, diabetes, and various types of cancer. It also improves strength, balance, flexibility, and weight management. As the tone up guide by Gala Bingo shows, a bit of creativity and resourcefulness can go a long way when exercising at home. For one, a simple sturdy chair can be used for tricep dips, chair planks, and Russian twists. Even something as simple as walking the dog could be considered a workout. Yet while those are definitely good options nothing can beat gyms and dedicated fitness classes for motivation and social interaction. The good news is that Hudson is slowly starting to see a reopening on the horizon— with gyms and wellness centers leading the way.

Jane DO

A county favorite and a lockdown fitness streaming hit, Jane DO now offers in-person outdoor classes held in Monroe Center right outside Jane DO Hoboken. Their beloved offbeat classes like the Tramp Stamp trampoline classes and DO It All full-body exercise classes are now available for small groups. For those looking to join these classes, their weekly schedules are up on their website and they strongly recommend pre-registering as slots are limited.

Asana Soul Practice

Yoga and pilates are permitted again, given that the participants all wear face masks indoors. For yogis, that may be a little challenging since yoga involves a lot of breathing, and several poses are largely dependent on breath as well. It’s good news then that for outdoor yoga, as long as six-feet social distancing is implemented and maintained, masks can be optional. Asana Soul Practice leads you through guided yoga practices in their Outdoor Open Soul classes for all levels. Since each session can only cater to 20 people, it’s best to book your slot early. Asana Soul Practice has two locations for outdoor classes. Hoboken Classes are held just outside of the Monroe Center at the 7th and Jackson Street Plaza; Jersey City Classes are held at the Roberto Clemente Baseball Field.

F45 Training Exchange Place

For those looking for an exercise plan that involves more frequent workouts, then the F45 Training Exchange Place is the right gym. Their 45-day fitness program promises a total transformation. They use a combination of weight training, high intensity, and other cardio exercises. With a wide variety of workouts offered within the 45-day training period, F45 is for those who enjoy a medley of different activities in their routine. They hold daily classes in the parking lot behind The Lutze at 15 2nd St, Jersey City. They also encourage those who are dipping their toes into fitness to join them for a free trial week.

With regulations now allowing outdoor workouts with proper social distancing and other health protocols, this is the time to sign up for a membership or a class and start or continue your fitness journey.


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