Healthcare Workers At HUMC Get COVID Vaccine


Officials at Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) today provided the first doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to healthcare workers at the hospital. Dr. John Rimmer, Director of the Emergency Department and Hoboken resident, along with Dinorah Vargas, an ICU employee, were among the first to receive the hospital’s vaccines this morning. HUMC has received an initial 100 vaccines which will be administered to their employees during the first phase of vaccine distribution.

“We reached an important milestone today, and a major step forward in overcoming COVID-19 in Hoboken,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “Our courageous healthcare workers getting vaccinated demonstrates that there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel, and better days ahead for our City. Once the vaccine becomes available to the public, I encourage everyone to get one. It’s safe, effective, and will protect our community and frontline heroes, like Dr. Rimmer and Ms. Vargas.”

“Today is an historic day for the city of Hoboken and the front-line healthcare workers of Hoboken University Medical Center,” said Ann Logan, Chief Hospital Executive of Hoboken University Medical Center. “The desperately needed COVID 19 vaccine is being deployed as we speak and, as such, the process of recovering from this terrible disease has begun. Once again, the healthcare workers of our hospital are stepping forward and leading the fight against this virus. I strongly encourage the people of this great city and across our state to receive this safe and effective vaccine when it is made available to you.”

“The vaccine should be looked at like a personal trainer for your immune system,” said Dr. Rimmer. “It literally teaches and strengthens your immune system to make antibody against the virus, without the risk of being exposed to the actual virus. These antibodies will then seek and destroy the virus before it has the chance to replicate itself. While any new healthcare treatment should be scrutinized and evaluated close, the first studies on this vaccine were robust and very encouraging. I will be telling my family to get the vaccine and encourage yours to as well.”

“I’m proud to be a healthcare worker and am proud to receive the vaccine with my colleagues today,” said Ms. Vargas. “It has been a long, hard road, but we can end it once everyone gets the COVID-19 vaccine. On behalf of healthcare workers, I ask everyone to get the vaccine once it becomes available to them so we can get back to normal, and keep everyone healthy.”

The City of Hoboken is currently coordinating with Hudson County and the State of New Jersey to establish vaccination sites in Hoboken in partnership with select medical providers, for various phases of distribution.