Hoboken & NHSA Prepare For Hurricane Isaias

What track will Hurricane Isaias take as it moves up the Atlantic?  How hard will New Jersey and Hudson County be hit?  How bad is the weather going to be as the week begins?

Meteorologists are not 100 percent sure as of yet, but in any event, Hoboken, which is prone to flooding as we all know, is preparing for the onslaught of rain the city is likely to receive.

The city sent out this advisory this afternoon:

Advisory: Hoboken and North Hudson Sewerage Authority Preparing for Hurricane Isaias, Potential for Heavy Rain and Damaging Winds

Hoboken and NHSA are beginning to prepare for Hurricane Isaias, a category 1 storm that is anticipated to impact the tri-state area early next week. Scattered strong to severe thunderstorms with rain of 2 to 4 inches and strong to damaging wind gusts are possible, with heavier amounts possible in certain areas. Any intense rainfall of greater than 0.8 inch per hour may result in flash flooding in low-lying areas.

Due to the likelihood of flooding in some areas, the Office of Emergency Management is taking precautions by putting no parking signs and barricades near flood prone intersections. “No Parking Signs” in these areas should be taken as advisories, cars will not be towed. Please do not drive around barricades. These intersections include:

  • 1st and Marshall
  • 1st and Harrison
  • 1st and Clinton
  • 1st and Garden
  • 2nd and Harrison
  • 2nd and Willow
  • 3rd and Grand
  • 3rd and Harrison
  • 3rd and Jackson
  • 4th and Harrison
  • 4th and Monroe
  • 4th and Jackson
  • 9th and Monroe
  • 9th and Madison
  • 10th and Madison
  • Newark St and Bloomfield St
  • Observer Hwy and Park Ave
  • Henderson and Newark
  • Grove and Newark

The City of Hoboken and North Hudson Sewerage Authority are working together to clear clogged catch basins throughout the City. Please report flooded intersections and clogged drain inlets by calling the NHSA Hotline at 866.689.3970.

Residents should secure all loose objects outside or bring them inside, especially on balconies. Outdoor tents should be taken down depending on wind load. Damaging winds could blow down trees and power lines, resulting in power outages. Please report power outages and downed wires to PSEG at https://nj.myaccount.pseg.com/myservicepublic/outagepublic.

Please monitor local forecasts for additional advisories, watches, and warnings. To track the storm visit the National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) .The City of Hoboken will provide more information as the situation develops. Thank you for your cooperation.

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