Hoboken Police Blotter: 3 Incidents, 3 Arrests

Three separate arrests have been made by the Hoboken Police Department since early Saturday morning.  The most recent took place on Monday morning, December 30th shortly past 3 o’clock.  According to Detective Lieutenant Danilo Cabrera of the Department’s Investigation Bureau, 33-year old Joel Arece of Hoboken was seen walking into a residential building at the corner of Willow Avenue and 3rd  Street carrying a tote bag.

When Lt. Keith Rotondi observed Arece leaving the building, the tote bag appeared to be fuller.  He suspected it might contain stolen packages.  As he followed him down the street, Arece walked down some stairs and the Lieutenant heard him ripping open packages.  The items were addressed to the building Arece was seen entering and then exiting with the tote bag.

Arece was arrested on burglary and theft charges and he was transported to the Hudson County Jail.

Two incidents took place early on Saturday morning, December 28th.  The first occurred at 1:45 and resulted in the arrest of 54-year old Mark Willis of Hoboken.  Officers were dispatched to the area of 2nd and Madison Streets on a report of a robbery.  Upon arrival, the victim stated he had been approached from behind by an unknown male, punched and knocked to the ground.

The victim continued to be punched as he lay on the ground.  He attempted to fight back, but stopped when the assailant pulled out a knife and held it to his body.  The attacker then took twenty dollars out of the victim’s pocket and fled the scene.

At approximately 6:35 Saturday night, after a thorough investigation, Hoboken Police were able to identify and arrest Willis in the area of 5th and Monroe Streets.  He was taken to the Hudson County Jail.

Willis has been charged with robbery, possession of crack cocaine, drug paraphernalia and contempt of court.

The second arrest on Saturday morning played out at approximately 3:20 when two officers responded to a reported burglary and theft in a residential building located at the corner of Newark and Park Avenue.

Police questioned the person who called in the suspected crime.  They were told an unknown male, later identified as 42-year old, Jersey City resident Juan Jimenez, had been seen walking down the stairs into the foyer carrying packages.  The suspect was observed opening the packages while standing outside the building.

The caller gave police a description of the suspect who was seen walking north away from the building.  Police found a male who fit the description at the corner of 2nd and Clinton Streets.

Police conducted an investigation and determined Jimenez had taken the packages from the residential building at Newark and Park Avenue, as well as a second building at 2nd and Clinton Streets.

Jimenez, who was taken to the Hudson County Jail, is charged with burglary, theft, being in possession of burglary tools, receiving stolen property and having drug paraphernalia.



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