It Appears Jersey City Ward F Council Candidate Frank “Educational” Gilmore Is Not As Transparent As He Claims

Jersey City’s Ward F Council candidate Frank “Educational” Gilmore held a press conference earlier this week outside of his community center at 135 Monticello Avenue.  Gilmore, who is challenging incumbent Councilman Jermaine Robinson, was reacting to racist attack flyers which had been placed on car windshields on Tuesday morning.  Gilmore called for the re-election campaign of Mayor Steven Fulop to denounce the flyers.  A spokesperson for the Mayor’s campaign, Phil Swibinski, says they were not involved with the flyers.

The flyers had an image of Gilmore which was intended to be a mug shot, but it was not his headshot, nor was it his campaign flyer.  The message stated “Vote No” and listed Gilmore’s previous arrests and charges, alongside claims he “destroyed Black children in Ward F.”   The flyers did not contain a paid for line as is required by law.

Video Credit:  Hudson County View 

During his press conference, Gilmore said he has been completely transparent about his past criminal record and he called out the media to “do your due diligence” and check the record, and he also claims to not have been convicted of employing a juvenile to distribute a controlled dangerous substance.  A background check of his criminal record shows that Gilmore was charged in 2004 of employing a juvenile to sell drugs.

Gilmore says he has been transparent about his past and included it within his capaign platform.  When he was just 19-years-old, Gilmore had already spent a lot of time in juvenile detention centers.  He was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in state prison on drug charges.

The campaign for Ward F Councilman Robinson issued this statement from the incumbent:

“I am supportive of any person, especially an African American male, turning their life around, but I think Frank Gilmore is being disingenuous when he says he has been transparent about his past.
He has not talked about how he employed Black children to sell drugs for him using them as a shield for his criminal ambitions. He has not talked about his attempted murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery and the selling of drugs on school property charges.
I think it is disingenuous to feed the public a sanitized, PG rated story when the reality is that he damaged many families in this community.
In the last debate he brought up the lasting negative effect of the crack epidemic on the Black community of Jersey City as if he was not a participant in that destruction. That is not what I call transparency.
I think it is disingenuous when he tries to paint himself as a victim when his long history of being a victimizer is questioned.”
A comprehensive report on Gilmore’s background follows:


  1. It’s funny how you can write a whole story on Frank but having did a story on the current mayor and all his under hand dealings with funding. Let’s talk about how Fulop is only concerned with downtown Jersey City and only want parts of the Greenville section when it’s election time. Let’s talk about Fulop never stand up or talk about all the killings of our young kids but did many conferences and interviews on the Jewish crime. Shouldn’t all lives matter. It’s so many things you can write about Fulop yet you want to bring up Gilmore past shame on you. Let’s focus on the fact he’s human and made many mistakes like everyone else but was able to turn his past mistakes around and now help the community so that young boys can learn from his experience. Now that’s a man I would vote for a strong man that know he did wrong in his past but doing everything to make sure young men and women don’t take that wrong path.

  2. I support Gilmore he stand up guy for our community you have to come from here to understand what way & leadership this ward needs to turn it around for a more positive way his past is what made him into the leader he is today & all that said is smear campaign look @ his progress as a leader now will defined his focus now which is all positivity for this ward! Vote Gilmore

  3. Absolutely! Even our current council would like to forget that he was arrested for pushing his girlfriend down the stairs, threatened to take a constituent out back in a public city council meeting, tried to sell LSP and Berry Lane Park to developers and continuously enables this pathetic excuse of a mayor to desecrate the Black Community of Ward F while offering illegal privileges to his own. We will never forget the bloodshed your politics have caused in our community. Jersey City deserves better than a narcissistic dictator and a bunch of puppets who contribute to the demise of our democracy. #DismantleTheFlopRegime

  4. Jermaine,Look very stupid and pointing fingers.Let’s talk about your anger issues and how you disrespect black women? Or how nasty you are in general? You should be a shame if your self..I’m sure you weren’t raised that way..Fulop cares about his kind &Solf many properties to the Jews..He’s too busy being in their pockets! Money can’t but everything,Not at all it’s sad and he hasn’t done anything for our community.It’s time for change and y’all aren’t it what so ever…

  5. Giving back to the community is a beautiful thing I support him in his efforts if he’s 100 about it God bless you and your campaign

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