Photo Credit: JerseyCity Runners via Instagram

Tomorrow morning’s Jersey City Marathon will result in major street closures, as well as parking restrictions and changes to the NJ Transit Light Rail operation.

Here are the complete details:

Resident Street Closure & Parking

Light Rail Closure Information:

There will be no parking allowed on the course of the event (see below for details) starting Saturday 4/22. We have arranged to have public parking in several local locations.  A full list of alternate parking locations will be updated here shortly. Cars parked on the course may be subject to towing. Abide by posted signs.

The Marathon and Half Marathon will start at 7am and will conclude around 2pm. Roads will close starts at 6am (4am for Washington Blvd).  Expect disruptions in traffic and significant road closures during those times.

Jersey City Medical Center Access Information:

Emergency Room/Monmouth Street parking entrance will be as follows: Montgomery Street to Merseles street, Merseles to Colden, Colden to Bates and Bates to Grand street. On Grand street there will be a designated vehicle travel lane (with a manned vehicle/pedestrian crossover) to allow Hospital staff, EMS, and patients to enter the Hospital. The point of egress will be Monmouth Street and north through Grand at certain points of the marathon; or utilizing the same channel (travel lane) to exit onto Grand and into the Old Colony lot between the McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts.  This will be for Hospital Only all other vehicular traffic will need to be re routed at Merseles and Bright Street- directing all other vehicles west or onto the NJ Turnpike ramp.  Jersey Avenue will also have a designated travel lane for Hospital staff, EMS, and patients accessible through AudreyZapp or southbound from Montgomery St, York Street, or Bright Street. Hospital staff will also have vehicle placards to assist officers with identifying employees.


Parking will be available at the following locations starting Saturday 4/22 at 3PM and through Sunday 4/23 at 3PM
Ferris High school
Snyder High school
Ezra Nolan middle school
Dickinson High school
Lincoln High school

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