Weekend Bowling & Mini-Golf At North Bergen Rec Center


Today’s Saturday.  If you live in North Bergen and have children and are looking for a fun, family activity, head over to the township’s Recreation Center for bowling and miniature golf.  It’s free and it’s fun!!!!

There are four bowling alleys available for use, with members of the North Bergen High School football team serving as pin setters and ball returners.  As for the miniature golf, there are 18 holes to test your skill, and let me tell you, it may look easy, but trust me, it’s not.

The bowling and mini golf will be open today between 4 pm and approximately 11 pm.  And here’s a tip.  Wait until it gets dark outside.  There’s strobe lighting inside the Rec Center which gives the room a little extra spice.

Parks and Recreation Commissioner Hugo Cabrera gave credit to his Department employees for always coming up with fun ideas and activities to excite the community.  He added that he’s still getting telephone calls from residents asking when the township will be bringing back the roller skating event which was such a huge success a few weeks ago.  Cabrera says the township will be bringing back the roller skating, and there will be a specific date for an adults-only event.  So stay tuned.