Jersey City Transforms Makeshift Field Into Usable Multipurpose Turf Field at Riverview-Fisk Park

Photos Courtesy City of Jersey City

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and the Department of Infrastructure have transformed a makeshift field into a brand new, multipurpose, turf field for residents in the Riverview-Fisk Park neighborhood.

The new recreation space measures 130-feet by 87-feet.  The former, patchy grass field is now a more usable, multipurpose turf field.  It is now open to all residents.

Mayor Fulop proudly stated, “We are always looking for opportunities to enhance our parks infrastructure across the city, and this community-driven project is one more way for people to get maximum use of the park.  We found residents and families were using the patchy grass area as an improvised field, and so we leveled the lot and added turf for a safer, more versatile, and durable multipurpose field that everyone can enjoy for games and sports.”

The transformation project also included installation of a sidewalk along the length of the field to provide a safe connection.  The streetscape has been further improved with tree plantings and rain gardens along the edge of the sidewalk that are protected with tree guards.

“It is a simple but functional change because people will now be able to use it as a true field for all types of sports, games, and activities,” added Barkha Patel, Director of the Department of Infrastructure.  “It is a flexible space that everyone can now use for freeform play.”

The field is now enclosed with a new three-sided fence to protect people using the neighboring walking path overlooking the Palisades Cliffs from being inconvenienced or at risk of injury from the increased sports use.

A press release from the city added, “Our parks are more important now than ever as our community continues to grow, and time outside has become so important to our residents’ mental and physical well-being.  We initially began planning for this multipurpose field years ago with input from the Riverview Neighborhood Association membership, and we are pleased that the plan has come to fruition. Thank you to the city for seeing it through.  We hope it provides the intended recreational and social opportunities to all that will share the space,” said Roger Heitmann, Founder and Committee Co-Chair of Friends of Riverview-Fisk Park and Board Member of the Jersey City Parks Coalition.

Ward D Councilman Yousef Saleh is thrilled with the new multipurpose field, stating, “The community has long requested this new multipurpose field and is a first in the Heights. Soccer fans finally have a place to play! Thank you to Mayor Fulop, Director Patel, and the Department of Infrastructure for making this dream a reality for the Ward D community.”




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