Letter To The Editor: Sudhan Thomas

Dear Editor, 01/11/2020


Over the last 3 years I had the honor of serving the public through my public roles as Board Trustee of the Jersey City, Public Schools which included my role as Vice President in 2017 and President in 2018,2019; I also served on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey, School Board Association starting September, 2017 through December, 2019; I served as the Chairman of JCETP between April, 2018 through June, 2019 and as its Executive Director without compensation for 7 months.

In the course of my work across my roles in multiple public bodies, we were able to identify over $ 150 Million of Public funds misused as follows

Jersey City, Employment and Training Program – $ 5.1 Million

Over $ 5.1 Million of JCETP funds that should have been rightly spent for JCETP and Jersey City residents were illegally transferred to James McGreevey’s personal corporation, New Jersey Re-Entry Corporation. This misappropriation deprived at a minimum of about 3000 Jersey City residents who needed unemployment and or underemployment services. A comprehensive forensic audit which identifies and evidences the multi-million dollar misappropriation is available for the public to review.


Jersey City – PILOTS / ABATEMENTS $ 51 Million

The Jersey City Municipality has issued 175 PILOT/ABATEMENTS since 1980 going back 40 years. 75 of those PILOT / Abatements were awarded since 2013 after Mayor Fulop took office. The JCBOE started auditing the PILOTS since May, 2018 while we were navigating the 2019-2020 budget challenges. The City took 4 months to hand over the compliance documents for the top 18 abatements. A review of the top 18 PILOT/Abatements confirmed that all 18 were not in compliance going back 3 years costing the city about $ 51 Million in unpaid taxes. It is common knowledge that the delay in the revaluation extended a kind of a tax holiday on land taxes while the findings of this audit confirm that the builders are receiving another kind of a tax holiday by paying 2016 PILOT rates instead of the 2019 PILOT rates.The audit confirming these findings are available for public view.


The request for the remaining 155 PILOT/Abatements are still awaited since around August, 2019 as evidenced below



Jersey City Public Schools – $ 110 Million

A comprehensive audit of the JCBOE identified about $ 110 Million in misuse of funds, misappropriation along with ideas and suggestions to bridge the school board budget. The finding are available for public review as below.



Suing the state of New Jersey For full funding – $ 21. Billion

In addition the public are aware that the Jersey City schools have sued the state of New Jersey for about $ 2.1 Billion in operational funding and capital expense funding that the state owes Jersey City Schools.

Over the last year, I have been targeted for the comprehensive work that I have done which has exposed a well-coordinated mechanism of corruption that has cost the tax payers over $ 150 Million. I was particularly warned to not sue the state for underfunding the Jersey City Schools. I did not pay heed to the threats. My work as outlined in this letter has impacted the special interests, upset the status quo and exposed a well-organized corruption mechanism in place.

The retribution is all around to see putting the interest of the public to the fore. The first hints of the trouble that awaited me were when I was informed in April that I could not run again for a committee seat! The rest is well documented for all to see. I will be fighting each of the cases foisted against me.

I am requesting your publication to publish my letter which includes the forensic audit reports and funding’s so that the public can draw conclusions and make the appropriate inferences. Serving the public has been the greatest honor of my life. In closing I would like to quote Senator Edward Kennedy ” For all those whose cares have been our concern, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die”


Thank you and God bless these United States of America.


Sudhan Thomas

Letter To The Editor:


  1. Didn’t know they have internet at the hudson county correctional facility. Why are you detracting people from the fact that you have been accused of stealing? Just because someone can get away with murder, doesn’t excuse the armed robber. The law will get to the people who have stolen. Maybe it won’t because these people are well connected or because they bothered to cover their tracks unlike you, who was caught on tape and on bank surveillance depositing checks. But that does not excuse your behavior. The FBI and the US Marshals are after you. Remember the movie US Marshals? Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes. When you saw that movie did you think that one day the US Marshals will be escorting you around. A fine life you’ve made for yourself.

  2. Sudhan, you have been accused by both the State of New Jersey and the United States of America, the most powerful government in the world. Hope you have had time to realize your helplessness in the face of this massive machinery when you could not even itch your nose the time you sat in Wettre’s courtroom because you were shackled like an animal.
    “The first hints of the trouble that awaited me were when I was informed in April that I could not run again for a committee seat! The rest is well documented for all to see.”. Yes it is. It is well documented in the form of FBI surveillance videos and audio tapes. No one put a gun to your head and asked you to accept the bribes or to write the checks. The right thing to do will be to confess your crimes if you did indeed commit them so that you have a chance of leniency. Your tactics of conspiracy theory will only anger the judge and prosecutors. Please please guilty and serve your time if you are indeed guilty of the crimes they have accused you of. Do not worry about how other people are bigger liars or bigger thieves than you. Their time will come. Please take a plea deal and serve minimum time or whatever the prosecutors offer.

  3. Writing a check to CASH from an account you are not supposed to misappropriate from, depositing it in that account A, then making an official check out of “A” for personal use is hardly original. There is no need for forensic accounting to catch such things, it’s what an 8th grader will do in a childish attempt to cover tracks. Lacks any sophistication. Yawn. Mr Thomas responded in another case filed by the Weiner law group where he owes money to an attorney that he is “not sophisticated in the ways of law” Maybe he can admit to this crime if he is indeed guilty and use it as a proof in the other case that he is indeed simple minded.

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