Screenshot Credits: News12 New Jersey

The weekend’s heavy rains caused a huge rockslide behind a luxury apartment complex on River Road in North Bergen, resulting in damaged cars and rubble inside the complex’s rear parking garage.  Fencing located in the rear of the property was not strong enough to prevent the rocks from destroying many of the vehicles owned by the tenants.  Stronger mesh fencing with cable reinforcements ends at the property line of the adjacent business. Residents of the apartment complex are now trying to determine what steps they can take to be compensated.

News 12 New Jersey was the first to report the story.  Some tenants of The Duchess told News 12 a similar incident happened just two months ago and they are seriously considering not renewing their leases.

Apartment management reportedly is working with local and state agencies to find a solution to the issue.

Because the rockslide happened during overnight hours, around 3 am, no injuries were reported.