Photo Credit: BITE – The Black Interest Team Enterprise

Starting tomorrow, Saturday, May 15, the Food Boxes return to the BITE Free Food Distribution and Resource Pantry. The BITE Food Distribution and Resources will begin at 12 noon, not 10:30 am. Please bring large shopping carts and or cars.  Remember, the items are fresh meats, vegetables, starches, fruits, water, juice, etc., and are 50 to 60 pounds of food.
There is no application! No identification required!
All are welcomed and encouraged to attend.
The free food will be distributed in the Lincoln High School Campus parking lot 60 located on Crescent Avenue in Jersey City.


  1. I just want to say thank you to all those who are responsible for the food drive today. Also thank you to all who will be volunteering their time. This is truly a wonderful project.

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