NBHS Environmental Club Cleans Streets In The Township

Photo Credits:  Township of North Bergen, Art Schwartz                                                                                                                                                                         The streets of North Bergen got a bit cleaner recently as students teamed up with the local NBMUA.  On Thursday, October 27, seven dedicated members of the North Bergen High School Environmental Club joined the always supportive North Bergen Municipal Utilities Authority and Clean Communities Program to pick up any litter on the sidewalks between 72nd and 79th Streets between Bergenline Avenue and Boulevard East.

              According to North Bergen High School Environmental Club co-Moderators Dana Hojnowski and Jennifer Checchio, “The residents there take very good care and pride in their properties, but we enjoyed a beautiful walk admiring the Halloween decorations in great fall weather picking up what we could.  We collected about 8 full bags of garbage and recycling. We also labeled the stormwater grates on the corners to educate our community that anything that goes down there winds up in our rivers, specifically the Hudson River, for that particular watershed. Clearing the corner stormwater grates of leaves is important to allow proper rain drainage to avoid flooding.”

Hojnowski and Checchio thanked Superintendent of Schools, Dr. George Solter and Hugo Cabrera, the Board of Education’s Secretary, for supporting the Enviromental Club’s efforts when it comes to community service projects like this. “It is an invaluable experience for our students to build pride in their hometown and to give back to their local community.”






  1. This is so far from the truth! Another north Bergen scam to lie to there community! No one cleans the streets in north Bergen unless you live from 76 st up , but other than that north Bergen is less clean the the ghetto in Jersey city! It’s a shame that they try to get recognition from students when the DPW here in north Bergen is a complete waist of tax payers money!

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