New Bayonne Law Allows Parking In Front of Residential Driveways In Certain Cases

 In 2019 the Bayonne City Council passed an ordinance which will allow parking in front of residential driveways under certain circumstances.  On Wednesday, the City released the following press release describing the conditions of the new law, and the permit process residents need to abide by in order to permit cars to block a residential driveway:                                                                                               Applications Available for Parking In Front of Driveways in Bayonne
Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that applications for parking in front of
driveways in Bayonne will be available at the Parking Utility Office at City Hall, beginning on Monday, February 24. The permits will be free of charge. Enforcement will begin on Friday, May 1, 2020.
The Parking Utility is starting the application process as a result of an
ordinance passed by the City Council in 2019 that will allow parking in front of driveways under certain conditions. According to the ordinance, “Parking shall be permitted in front of private driveways whenever both the motor vehicle and driveway involved are owned by the same person, whenever the motor vehicle is owned by a member of the same household as the owner of the private driveway, or whenever the owner of the private driveway authorizes the parking of a motor vehicle in front of the private driveway, and where such parking is not otherwise prohibited and the permitting thereof would not interfere with the normal and/or safe flow of traffic.”
The ordinance explains that properly displayed permits will be needed in vehicles that are parked in front of driveways: “A motor vehicle shall not be permitted to be parked in front of a private driveway unless the owner of the private driveway or a member of the owner’s family has been issued a valid permit and the permit is properly displayed, or unless the owner has authorized another party to use and display the owner’s permit for parking in front of the private driveway, and the permit is valid and properly displayed.”
Finally, the ordinance provides details about numbers of permits per
household, the size of permits, and their method of display. The ordinance states, “An owner of a private driveway shall be eligible to apply for up to three permits for his own motor vehicles or for use by other parties authorized by the owner to park in front of the private driveway. Each member of the owner’s household who owns a motor vehicle shall also be eligible to apply for a permit issued under this
                                                                                                  The ordinance describes the permits as being “5 ½ inches by 8 ½ inches in size,” and says that they “shall bear an appropriate certification of authenticity and shall be displayed prominently within the vehicle when it is parked so as to be seen from the middle of the street.”
The Parking Utility is located in Room 13 in City Hall, whose address is 630 Avenue C.  Application forms can be picked up there or downloaded from the City of Bayonne website, which is  Completed applications must include an attached current proof of Bayonne residency such as a PSE&G bill, a cable television bill, a property tax bill, or a water bill.  Completed applications and the proof of residency may be dropped off in person at the Parking Utility or mailed to its office.
The office hours of the Parking Utility are Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., except on holidays. The Parking Utility’s telephone number is 201-858-6061.






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