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New Providence, NJ – On October 8, NJ Sharing Network and its many healthcare partners and volunteers throughout the state will work together to register as many organ and tissue donors as possible in celebration of Organ Donor Enrollment Day. The non-profit, federally designated organ procurement organization has set a goal of amassing at least 2,020 new donor registrations on 2020 Organ Donor Enrollment Day. The 2,020 goal helps create a positive spin on the number ‘2020’ as opposed to the negative ‘2020’ references seen virtually everywhere due to the challenges faced this year.

Currently, there are nearly 110,000 Americans – nearly 4,000 of whom live in New Jersey – waiting for a life-saving transplant.

“Organ Donor Enrollment Day is about taking action and inspiring others to learn more about how they can save lives through organ and tissue donation,” said Joseph S. Roth, president and chief executive officer of NJ Sharing Network. “One organ and tissue donor can save eight lives and restore health to over 75 people. I am confident that everyone’s efforts on Organ Donor Enrollment Day will go a long way toward bringing hope to those currently waiting for a transplant.”

In New Jersey, one person dies every three days waiting for an organ transplant. However, the generosity of those in the Garden State is providing hope for the future. New Jersey’s organ and tissue donor registrations continue to rise thanks to strong community education and outreach efforts as well as simplified ways to register as an organ and tissue donor are also helping to save more lives. It is now easier than ever for New Jerseyans to register in any of the following options:

Another key component of Organ Donor Enrollment Day is encouraging those who register to have a conversation with their family and friends about their decision to donate.

“Donation provides comfort and healing to so many families after losing a loved one. It is so important to talk to your family and share your decision about organ donation so your gift is honored,” said Carolyn M. Welsh, vice president and chief clinical officer, NJ Sharing Network.

Organ Donor Enrollment Day is deeply personal for NJ Sharing Network’s partners, advocates and volunteers who are motivated to save and enhance the lives of those in need. Jayla Sorenson of Toms River is just one example. Jayla has a kidney disease that limits her ability to filter and clean her blood. The vivacious 8-year-old loves to dance, play outside, and hug and kiss her family members. But the clock is ticking towards a more critical stage in Jayla’s condition that will eventually involve a pediatric kidney transplant. Jayla and her family actively participate in events and programs to promote organ and tissue donation, including Organ Donor Enrollment Day and NJ Sharing Network’s 5K Celebration of Life with Team Jayla’s Journey.

“It’s all about raising awareness and helping others in need, because someday we will be the ones in need,” said James Sorenson, Jayla’s father.

Typically, Organ Donor Enrollment Day features local and regional in-person activities and community events to raise awareness that will not be possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While NJ Sharing Network’s clinical and laboratory team members have continued their around-the-clock efforts to focus on saving and enhancing lives, the organization has developed creative ways to promote its mission virtually in online efforts throughout the pandemic through its robust social media channels, on its website and through targeted e-mails and mailings to its wide circle of supporters. NJ Sharing Network will be providing social media tools that supporters can use. Supporters will also be asked to share their stories about how organ and tissue donation has improved their lives or why they registered as organ donors.


About NJ Sharing Network

Dedicated to saving lives through organ and tissue donation, NJ Sharing Network is the non-profit organization responsible for the recovery and placement of donated organs and tissue for the nearly 4,000 New Jersey residents waiting for a life-saving transplant. With headquarters in New Providence, NJ, the organization, selected by NJBiz as one of the state’s “Best Places to Work” for the third consecutive year, is also part of the national recovery system, serving the nearly 110,000 people on the national waiting list. To learn more, get involved and register as an organ and tissue donor, visit