New Union City Police Chief Stresses the Importance of Community Policing

Union City’s new Police Chief Anthony Facchini is a 24-year veteran of law enforcement, having moved up the ranks to become the Department’s new leader just a few weeks ago.

Facchini says community policing is the foundation of the force, and it’s something he will continue to stress and build upon moving forward.  He encourages his officers to attend any of the many, public community policing meetings held by Mayor Brian Stack.

The Chief believes better communication leads to a well functioning police force.  Chief Facchini rose through the ranks, but to this day, he still looks back upon the mentorship he received from a fellow officer, Robert Molinari, while he a young patrol officer.

The Chief oversees a Department of 185 supervisors and rank and file police officers.


  1. Congratulations to our new chief of police , Anthony Fachinni . Now Union City has 2 great men working & protecting all Union City residents & their families & visitors . Thank you Senator / Mayor Brian P. Stack & chief of police Anthony Fachinni . Happy to be a Union City resident because like myself and many others feel safe in our city because our police officers from Union City keep our city safe . Thx to all of the police officers of this great city / Union City

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