NJSEA Agrees to Permanently Close Keegan Landfill Under the Terms Outlined in Sacco, Jimenez and Mejia Legislation 

LYNDHURST, N.J. — Following months of negotiations and public outcry, the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority passed a resolution on Thursday morning agreeing to permanently close the Keegan Landfill in Kearny. The outcome is closely modeled after legislation that was put forward in Trenton by State Senator Nicholas Sacco and Assembly members Angelica Jimenenz and Pedro Mejia to protect the health of residents in Kearny and West Hudson. That legislation will now be withdrawn because the NJSEA’s announcement makes it no longer needed.

“Today’s resolution passed by the NJSEA is a tremendous victory for all of Kearny and the surrounding communities,” said Kearny Mayor Al Santos. “The Keegan Landfill has been detrimental to the health of our residents and the entire community fought to see a tangible plan put forward to permanently cap and close the facility. Together, we proved how powerful our voices can be when we work collaboratively with our local legislators to accomplish a common goal to protect the wellbeing of our community.”

In November, Senator Sacco and Assembly members Jimenez and Mejia proposed legislation in Trenton to immediately close the Keegan Landfill and install an impermeable cover and gas collection system to eliminate hydrogen sulfide emissions from the landfill.The resolution passed by the NJSEA follows the same closure guidelines outlined in this legislation.

“This issue has been a major concern to the people of Kearny and West Hudson, and I am glad to see an amicable resolution be reached between the NJSEA and the community,” said Senator Sacco. “As legislators representing West Hudson, it was vitally important to my running mates and I to find a solution to this problem that would protect the people of Kearny, and this resolution will accomplish that goal.”

“It’s unfortunate that this issue persisted for so long, but it is gratifying to see public officials come together and find a solution to the Keegan Landfill problem that will protect the quality of life of West Hudson residents and allow these communities to rest easier knowing that the landfill will soon be permanently closed,” said Assemblywoman Jimenez.

“The residents of Kearny and surrounding communities deserve a great deal of credit for making their voices heard, and it was our job as their representatives to help find a solution,” said Assemblyman Mejia. “Mayor Santos and all other leaders in this fight showed what citizens can do by working together for an important goal, and I am glad our legislative team was able to contribute to a solution.”


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