No COVID-19 Deaths at NJ Hospitals in a 24-Hour Period, Other Numbers Troubling

There were mixed signs pertaining to New Jersey’s latest COVID-19 numbers announced on Friday afternoon by Governor Phil Murphy.  The most positive news coming out of this afternoon’s coronavirus briefing was there were no, new, COVID-19 deaths reported by New Jersey hospitals over the past 24 hours ending last night at 10:30.  That’s the first time no COVID-19 related deaths were reported since March 10.

However, the Governor and state health officials are warning residents to hold their cheers.  While Murphy did point to other positive statistics, i.e. good news, since July 16 at the state’s hospitals, such as:

  • 32% drop in ventilator use (45 currently in use)
  • 20% decrease in ICU patients (113 patients in ICU or CCU)
  • 7% drop in patient admissions (695 patients, 352 COVID confirmed & 342 awaiting COVID test results)

Murphy stated, “Overall, the trends in our hospitals continue to move our health care system in the right direction.  Sadly, we must report 10 additional confirmed COVID-19 deaths, bringing our confirmed COVID-19 death total to 13,944.”   The negative statistics, according to the Governor, show 699 new coronavirus cases.  That’s a statewide total of 181,660 since March 4.

The Governor also pointed to some other disturbing trends, saying the spot positivity rate for tests taken from July 27 stands at 2.15%.   The rate of transmission has jumped to 1.35.  Murphy says the rate of transmission is the highest it has been in the last three months.  That’s why the Governor is so disturbed by reports of mass parties taking place, such as the one at an Airbnb in a mansion in Jackson Township over the weekend.

“These numbers are setting off alarms,” Murphy said.  “The only way to silence these alarms is by taking this seriously,” he urged. “Wear a mask. Stop hosting house parties. Now.”

Bottom line?  New Jersey residents have, by and large, acted sensibly and with urgency, abiding by the Governor’s Executive Orders.  This has allowed our state to flatten the curve tremendously over the past three to four months.  The fear the Governor and state health officials are now expressing, after seeing the latest numbers is, residents are becoming lax and disregarding the warnings of the virus spiking again if we don’t remain vigilant.

Everyone…all of us…we are in this together.  Your actions have a direct impact on me, on your neighbors, on people you don’t even know.

Let’s all use common sense, or we will be right back where we were in March, April and May.  And that’s not a good thing!!!





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