North Bergen Junior High School Construction Delayed, Campus Will Open in September 2024

In a setback for the North Bergen community, the construction of the highly anticipated North Bergen Junior High School on Tonnelle Avenue, the site of the former High Tech High School, has encountered unexpected delays, pushing back its completion date to September 2024. The delay comes as a disappointment to students, parents, and school officials who were eagerly anticipating the new facility.

Originally slated for completion by the start of the upcoming academic year, the construction project has hit unforeseen obstacles, hampering progress and extending the timeline. The reasons behind the delay are multifaceted, encompassing a combination of factors.  Unforeseen supply chain issues, death of a construction manager make safely completing the project on the original timeline impossible.

One of the primary causes for the setback is a shortage of construction materials, which has become a widespread issue across the country. The high demand for building supplies, coupled with disruptions in global supply chains, has led to delays in the procurement and delivery of essential materials for the project. School district officials have been actively working with contractors and suppliers to mitigate the impact of these challenges and secure the necessary resources as quickly as possible.

“It’s unfortunate that construction delays outside of the district’s control have led to the opening of this wonderful new school being postponed, however we are certain that this is the only responsible course of action in order to ensure that our students are safe and able to learn in the best possible facilities we can provide,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. George Solter. “District leaders have completed all internal preparations for the opening of the school, but factors that we cannot control have made this delay necessary. While we will all have to remain patient, I remain extremely excited for what this new school as well as our full School Realignment Plan will mean for our community.”

Despite the setbacks, both the school district and the construction teams remain committed to completing the project in a timely manner while ensuring the highest standards of quality. They are actively implementing strategies to expedite construction, such as extending work hours and increasing the workforce when feasible. Regular meetings are being held between the stakeholders to monitor progress and address any challenges that arise.

The North Bergen community is encouraged to stay informed about the ongoing construction updates through official channels, including the school district’s website and social media platforms. The district will continue to provide transparent communication regarding the project’s timeline, as well as any adjustments that may be necessary due to the unforeseen delays.

While the delayed completion of the North Bergen Junior High School is undoubtedly disappointing, it is essential to prioritize the safety and quality of the construction process. The school district remains committed to delivering a state-of-the-art educational facility that will benefit students for generations to come, even if it requires additional time and effort to ensure its successful realization.

Construction on the new school began in March 2022, following delays caused by lawsuits filed by political opponents of the project that were dismissed in court. Progress was delayed further by the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in a shutdown of construction activities for a prolonged period. More recently, in April the district’s construction manager handling the project tragically died which caused further delays as new personnel was installed. This was coupled with global supply chain issues making it difficult to procure essential building materials like steel and electrical and plumbing components in a timely fashion, which impacted the original construction timeline.