Residents Present Alternative Plan, But 46th Street Park Rehab Underway

On Wednesday, a group of North Bergen residents presented an alternative renovation plan to the Board of Commissioners for the 46th Street park.  However, since the plan has already gone through a public hearing process, with many residents providing suggestions for what the rehab should include, the Commissioners rejected the latest suggestions, saying the project is already moving forward.

The main concerns expressed at Wednesday’s meeting included the placement of the current parking lot, as well as the township’s reasoning for cutting down some trees and replacing them with trees not native to the area. The residents’ revised plan would have shifted the location of the parking lot and adjusted the location and size of the dog run, basketball court and playground area to some degree.

The Commissioners say residents expressed their concerns already and this group of residents, while the Board appreciates their concerns and input, should have attended the public hearing before the final vote on the final renovation ordinance was approved.

The renovated park is expected to be open sometime in 2023.