Ricky 267 Fallen Officer Memorial Scholarship Awarded to 6 Union City High School Students

Union City High School held its 2023 Scholarship Awards Night for graduating seniors on Thursday, June 8th.  Six students received $1,000 scholarship awards; The Ricky 267 Fallen Officer Memorial Scholarship Award.  The money raised for the scholarships came from The Ricky 267 5K Run, which was held on October 22, 2022 in Union City.

Support for the 5K Run came from Union City Police Chief Anthony Facchini and the entire Union City Police Department, along with Mayor Brian Stack, local residents and businesses in the community.  The 5K has been held since 2017.

The scholarships were in memory of six Union City Police Officers who lost their lives in the line of duty or were members of the force from 2016 through 2022.  Those heroes were:

* Officer Ricky Fernandez                                                                                              * Lt. Mark Zeitounian
* Officer John Kamel
* Lt. Gregory Katseyeanis
* Detective Alex Ruperto
* Captain James D’Andrea

In an email to Hudson TV, Elsida Mazariegos stated, “The Fallen Officers scholarship memorial has grown to encompass the names and legacies of these brave men. Each of them has left a permanent mark on our hearts and a lasting impact on our community.
Gone… but never forgotten.  To the recipients of these scholarships, we asked that they carry the spirit of these heroes within them as they embark on their journey.”

The graduating seniors who received the scholarship are:

In honor and memory of Officer Ricky Fernandez—The Scholarship goes to
Hilda Santos–GPA 3.26
Upon graduation, Hilda will pursue a career in immigration law, where she hopes to directly serve her community and families in need.  Outside of school, Hilda currently serves her community by working at a law firm nearby assisting individuals and families with an array of challenges.

In honor and memory of Lt. Mark Zeitounian–The Scholarship goes to
Nelson Herrera–GPA 4.02                                                                                    One of the TOP 25 students in the class. Planning to study Criminal Justice/ FBI. Attending NJCU

In honor and memory of Officer John Kamel –The Scholarship goes to
Harlene Linares–GPA 3.99
Planning to be a Social Worker, attending HCCC, 4 years in ROTC and 200 hours of community service.

In honor and memory of Lt. Gregory Katseyeanis-The Scholarship goes to
Domenica Perez–GPA 3.4
Planning to study Criminal Justice/FBI. Attending HCCC. 20 hours of community service with ROTC class as a Junior.

In honor and memory of Detective Alex Ruperto-The Scholarship goes to
Roxi Quijano–GPA 3.59                                                                                       Roxi has been steadfast in her desire to pursue a career in Forensic Science and has an academic background in Forensic Science,Criminal Justice, Criminology, and ROTC. She has accumulated numerous community service hours and achieved Honor Roll throughout High School.

In honor and memory of Captain James D’Andrea-The Scholarship goes to
Diego Rodriguez–GPA 3.82
Diego will pursue a career in Criminal Justice and attend NJCU. He was in ROTC in grade 11 and completed 50 community service hours; he also participated in the American Legion Jersey Boys State in 2022.

Congratulations to each of these exceptional students.

Mazariegos added, “Through The Ricky 267 Fallen Officer Memorial Scholarship we hope that the legacy of these fallen heroes serve as a beacon of hope for all.”