Smooth Sailing on 91st Street in North Bergen

Photos Courtesy Cmsr. Anthony Vainieri via Facebook

Ah, the traditional start of summer.  The Memorial Day weekend.  Warmer weather, sunshine, family cookouts, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn-on-the-cob, potato salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw, a trip to the beach, a cold one.  Am I missing anything?

Well, yes I am.  If you live in North Bergen, the road to the municipal swimming pool complex is as smooth and safe as it can possibly be.  Have you seen 91st Street in the past few days?  No?  Well, you’ll remember it was a pothole filled, bumpy, sometimes flooded disaster on the way to the pool complex or the shopping center off of Tonnelle Avenue.

Not any more.  91st Street is smooth as silk!!!

              The Department of Public Works recently finished a repaving and re-striping of the street.  Now when you head to the pool it will be a pleasant journey when you turn off of Tonnelle Avenue.  You’ll appreciate it, and your car’s under belly will too.

DPW Commissioner Anthony Vainieri posted on Facebook, “As DPW Commissioner, the most important part of the job is to maintain our streets.  This is 91st St. off Tonnelle Ave. going towards our pool.  Newly paved, elevation raised and we added 3 speed bumps.  We will continue to pave and install speed bumps as our budget allows us to.”

Enjoy the summer and the smooth, safer journey to the North Bergen Municipal Swimming Pool Complex entrance.  91st Street never looked so good!!