Union City Residents Create City’s First Community Garden

On Sunday morning, Union City held a ceremony at 3700 Palisades Avenue, directly across the street from City Hall.  The event marked the creation of the city’s first, ever community garden…planned and designed by residents and constructed by many individuals, including Laurence Benson, who volunteered his services to help bring the garden to life.

Benson’s daughter “Sussy” has helped make the creation of community gardens around Hudson County a priority.  Whether it’s flowers or growing vegetables, these gardens are good for the environment.  The residents of 3700 Palisade will decide what the garden will contain.

Benson received a citation from the City’s Board of Commissioners and Mayor / State Senator Brian Stack.  The garden is constructed on the south side of the building.  There are plans to add a composting bin at the location in the future, another way to help sustain the planet.

Similar composting bins are springing up in municipalities across the county, as are community gardens.  North Bergen recently announced plans to create a community garden on Liberty Avenue, up the hill from Tonnelle Avenue.