Union City Schools Expand Hydroponics Lab & Create 911 System

Photo Credits:  Union City Board of Education                                                                                                                                                                                           The new school year in Union City has several new initiatives.  Superintendent Silvia Abbato says the district has increased its use of the hydroponics lab.


               The food grown in the hydroponics labs is distributed to the community and also used as part of the luncheon programs in the districts’ schools.

                                          Over the summer, Abbato says the District, under the leadership of Security Integration and IT Director Victor Grullon, created an emergency 911 system for all of the district’s  schools and first responders in the event of an emergency.  Every school in the district is now mapped out.


This will allow first responders to know exactly where in a school building the source of the emergency originated.  The central command base in the Board of Education Building on Union Turnpike will allow administrators to lock and unlock doors, and give the Police Department direct access to information prior to officers arriving on the scene of an emergency. E-sports will also take a more prominent role this year.

    Abbato says more female students are taking an interest in E-sports, and that’s good, because familiarity with technology can only benefit the students as they move closer to the “job world.”