Viral Racist Rant By West New York Woman Gets Her Fired



A racist, slur and expletive laden, 45 second video against the Black Lives Matter movement which was posted to her Facebook page on Thursday, has resulted in West New York resident Jacqueline Michele DeLuca being fired from her job at Party City in North Bergen.

DeLuca went off against African Americans in the video, repeatedly using the N-word and the F-word.  Her rant quickly went viral on social media.

The video shows her driving, explaining that she was cut off by another driver who apparently was black, and that driver “blamed me.”  She rants that she “hates black people” and wants to “kill them all.”

The video had more than 1 million hits by this morning.  Her employer, Party City, quickly issued a response, posting  a statement on its various social media accounts.  Without naming DeLuca, the company said the employee who produced and posted the video had been fired.  It read in part, “Party City stands in solidarity with our Black colleagues, customers and communities, and we condemn acts of racism, bigotry and hate.  Disregard for basic human rights of any kind has no place in our communities or country, and certainly not at Party City.”

DeLuca issued an apology on her Facebook page for her behavior.  It read in part, “I regret using such words against a race I know everyone is behind for and I never meant to hurt anyone in anyway.”

Actions do have consequences.




  1. People really have to excuse her mentally, she is really a black individual maybe she hate her self because black lives matter and you’re black so where does you think you stand “with the black”

      • She’s not a Mexican or Chicano, she’s Latino, a Puerto Rican. I grew up in NYC and I can tell you that Black people and Puerto Ricans are very close. We live together, date and marry each other. Even adopt each other’s children. My wife and I adopted two children which we raised. That one female is NOT representative of them. They are all-in-all very good people.

        • Yes, she PR I grow up in NY and I know a PR whenI hear a PR. Ppl should should be careful of what they wish for. Remember when Sharon wish the DEA to h of every first borne, do I need to say more? She is just sad she not sorry for what she said. She said it very clearly she don’t give a Fuck. She sorry for the consequences of what she said.
          Any person with that much hate is sad.

      • She’s Afro Latino, her decedents, on side, came from Africa just like yours, the other side is Spanish and possibly some indian. Many Afro Latins deny this because black is looked down upon so badly. What she does not know is that BLM is fighting for her rights too. This is sad indeed.

    • Thank you! Her hair is Nappier than ever..dies she not see the undertone of her skin!? Perhaps she’s doing the skit that Dave Chappelle did on his show.

  2. Your problem is you want to be black you acting black you wearing big hoop earrings and you look like a half-breed you must hate yourself this is what we go through and see everyday

    • She thinks when she disowns her color WS will accept her…naw you just another house one, baby! You will not be accepted by them. You will be considered one of us….and not even we want your ass.

  3. lmao she got fired from party city; imagine thinking you’re better than an entire group of people when you sell balloons for a living

    • She thinks when she disowns her color WS will accept her…naw you just another house one, baby! You will not be accepted by them. You will be considered one of us….and not even we want your ass.

  4. Girl Bye with your bubble gum ass job! I could say alot more but it wouldn’t make any sense to stoop to your level. Bitch!

  5. There is no excuse for that. It makes me sad and angry that there are people that ignorant. We should embrace the diversity of people and be united in our common humanity.

  6. Your last name shows your people has Black Blood and delt with Hannibal crossing those elephants into southern ( Italy ) shape like a boot ! Your diction and fluency indicates your ethnicity and the hate you have for your BLACK self ! Go read a history book … as a matter of fact let me recommend: The History if White People by Nell Painter -Colored Girl , I hope that will help you !

  7. This behavior is so shameful… I bet she hates immigrants and Hispanics too…I’ve been going to party city in UC for 16 years, since my children where born ..a place of so much diversity when you step in to buy stuff to celebrate life.. let’s not focus where she works but what comes out of her mouth.. I don’t care if you have an Italian last name ..majority of you is Latino!! Including black,,is so obvious just by looking at you… because that is what we Latinos are a mix of white,black and Indian …and let’s learn
    To embrace our differences…it is a beautiful thing.. unfortunately for her she’s not there yet..she needs to be enlightened …

  8. This bitch isn’t sorry . You knew your words have consequences and then there’s karma happy job hunting ???

  9. This girl is so damn ignorant it hurts to here to her crap out the mouth. Go pick up a book educate yourself, do some research Bc you my sister have a lot to learn about your roots. I swear dumb people scare me!!!

    • Her ignorance caught up with her eventually. No one can teach her anything. She can’t hide her negroid features; but society has her fooled and she is acting out her make – belief ideas. I hope she walks away with less hate, and finds her identity that she will fit in. She should be called Hispanic Karina

  10. You scanky ass, half breed mad cause your not excepted, balloon blowing, custom stocking, bubblegum scraping, toilet bowl scrubbing ass bitch!!! You lucky your not in my neighborhood!!
    And Bitch don’t try signing up for unemployment either they ain’t giving your confused racist ass nothing either

  11. You a sloppy fat thug manly BITCH go back to your dirty swam hole country Spick BITCH

  12. Sad to see this video. Especially when she’s a Puerto Rican multa her self! Is she that ignorant ?? She has Afro DNA my nature in her! So sad she’s hating and bring racist with her own people more worse is she is wishing death on her 1/2 side black DNA race she is part of… This pure ignorance and very low IQ in a person!!

  13. Good Luck with your job hunting Sweetie. This is so unacceptable. I hope you receive adequate counseling.

  14. Hispanics have black descendants i dont get it by would they hate on BLM people the white people don’t want us either. I swear my latino people dont be fool it don’t matter how much money we have it don’t matter if our skin is white like there’s it don’t matter if we where born in the states we will never be liked or want it by them. Its all a big front that they’ll put just to tolerate us just like they do with Asians Blacks and other races. Most white people will always feel superior then all of us wich is dumb because there is no such thing as pure white but hey ignorance is a bliss. I don’t try to give them power i do dislike a few of them but most of all i feel sorry for them because they are blind, ignorant, lonely, they want to fit in somewhere and someone that was more lonely then they are came up with a group because they couldn’t fit in with other people and thats sad. Yes Hispanics and Blacks have strong attitudes yes some of us are more aggressive them others yes we sometimes go over the top and thing we can fight anyone but is because we all been thru a lot so we have to be the way shit was not giving to us in a silver plate.

  15. I am sick of the “apology” after inappropriate comments or actions…when it was said or done, it was meant so dont apologize because its not genuine. She was sorry for the hurtful words only because she got backlash. She meant that which is why she said it. She should keep that same level of energy now. BLM to me!

  16. It doesn’t matter what her ethnicity is. The problem is that she felt that comfortable in saying what was not only from mouth, but her heart. That is where her thoughts really count. We have to learn how to hold people accountable for what they say not just by what they do but what they say. If you feel bold enough to open your mouth and call me out of my name with no regard to who or what or why and then whatever actions come after that you have brought them on yourself. So I feel nothing for this young woman except for Peggy somebody need to send her back to school to teach her what empathy really means.

  17. Ma are you angry because a Black Man never try to date or talk to you, or are you angry because you withdrawing from your Meds?

  18. She apologizing because she got caught, she said how she truly and really feels about our race, I hope her friends that are of color know her true feelings. There are ppl that cut ppl driving all the time never so I call them out there race . Maybe a prick, a hole,

  19. I believe she’s missing the point that she would probably be viewed as a person of Color…or at least a combo of two races ( and one could be someone of Color) And if I remember history, if you’re mixed with one drop of Black BLOOD… you BLACK! Hate to disappoint you Sister…but you’d be looked at and judged by what people see and we all know there are other CULTURES of people who are quite dark! ALL LIVES MATTER, but right now…Yours REALLY MATTERS ! Let me help you out: If you read down a little further on the other definition of NIGGER besides the one you ‘re responding to…it says that a NIGGER is Disparaging and Offensive (A contemptuous term used to refer to Any PERSON of Any RACIAL or ETHNIC origin regarded as CONTEMPTIBLE, INFERIOR, or IGNORANT etc. So lets conclude that your rant was EMOTIONALLY Motivated and we’ll overlook the fact that the definition above COULD apply to YOU..because we don’t want YOU acting like a Nigger..because then YOU’d be HATING see ALL LIVES MATTER..but since YOU brought it up…BLACK LIVES do right now because right now many other races AGREE!

  20. Well if she is AA or even part AA she has as much right to say those words
    as any other AA. And from what my ears hear AAs say those words a lot.
    I mean every day I hear AAs saying exactly the same word and proud to
    say it.
    So maybe some people need to back off her.

  21. Unreal!!! Are people really this ignorant? What if it was hispanic or latino people matter movement and someone said kill them all or called them spicks, piasa, wetbacks? No one likes racist comments. Grow up and learn to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say

  22. Oh cause I thought a bitch that worked at party city said something! ? que estupida es muy obvio que tiene sangre negra que come mierda

  23. She needs some help for mental illness. How can you hate a race that haven’t done anything to you. So you hate a black man that cut you off so if it was a white man that cut you off then what would you be saying ( nothing at all). You were taught to hate for no reason at all. Maybe if you get to know them you would stop judging them. You get fired now you want to apologize for saying what you the way that you said it. Saying you wasn’t trying to hurt anyone well you hurt yourself by opening up your mouth saying stupid stuff.

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