Voting Machines Requested For Tomorrow’s Hudson County GOP Reorganization Meeting

Voting Machines Requested for Hudson County Republican Reorganization Meeting June 29

Hudson County, NJ – Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, the candidate for Hudson County Republican Chairman leading a movement of Republicans seeking to dump current Chairman Jose Arango and make the Hudson GOP Republican again, sent the below email to Arango this past week.

Dear Mr. Arango,

In the interest of election integrity and a fair vote, I call upon you to immediately secure voting machines from the Hudson County Board of Elections for the Hudson County Republican Committee reorganization and election meeting Tuesday, June 29th at 3167 John F. Kennedy Boulevard in North Bergen, at 6 p.m. A single voting machine can be set up and delivered with relatively short notice.

If you believe you have the support of the elected members of the Hudson County Republican Committee you should have no problem doing this. If you, however, believe the only way you can win is by intimidation and bullying, you will not. Democracy, whether in our republic or in the political organizing of various large institutions, thrives only when people do not fear they will be punished for the way they vote by those petty political tyrants watching.

I, and those who seek a legitimate election, await your response.


Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

Candidate for Hudson County GOP Chairman

Sotomayor Einstein stated, “Arango, as he currently occupies the Chairmanship of the Hudson County Republican Organization (despite his long history of working for the Democrats), is the only party legally able to secure voting machines from the County Board of Elections.” Sotomayor Einstein continued, “if Arango is afraid, he will say no to the voting machines, it’s that simple.”