Weehawken Pays Tribute To Our Veterans

The largest crowd to attend a Weehawken Veterans Day ceremony in years gathered at Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Boulevard East on Saturday morning.

Veterans and officials in attendance spoke of remembering those lost, of never forgetting and praying for the safety of current military personnel.

              Mayor Richard Turner said it is important for veterans to join the VFW and the American Legion posts, organizations which can help veterans in numerous ways.  Many of these military organizations struggle to stay afloat.

The most important message of the morning was to make sure that today’s youth understand and recognize the important role our veterans have played in preserving our freedom and democracy.

That is something every American must appreciate.

When you see a veteran, not just on Veterans Day or Memorial Day, thank them for their service and sacrifices.  They are the reason we all enjoy everything we do, day in and day out.